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I’m joining Milwordy!

Hello friends! It's been awhile since I've spoken with you it feels like forever even though it has only been a month but I really wanted to share that I was joining in a really cool challenge! I'm going to insert the video inspiring me to try this crazy challenge. Writing is something I… Continue reading I’m joining Milwordy!

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5 Podcast I’m obsessed with!

Since I started my new job I have been able to do things differently one of the things that I love about my job is the ability to listen to music and more recently I discovered podcasts. I do spend most of the time at work on outbound calls but in between I have been… Continue reading 5 Podcast I’m obsessed with!

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#pondathon sign-up and TBR

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing that I am joining the Pondathon! This readathon sounds absolutely amazing. You can really see how much work our amazing hosts have put into it and I am so excited that it is almost time to start reading! I love that this readathon is on the longer side right… Continue reading #pondathon sign-up and TBR