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Kindle Paperwhite Initial Thoughts & Review

I don't often spend money on myself but after thinking on it for a really long time I decided to splurge a little and buy myself a new kindle product. When I purchased my Kindle it was on sale and I only spent $99 versus the normal $129 it was normally so I got it… Continue reading Kindle Paperwhite Initial Thoughts & Review

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Kindle Unlimited 2020 Reading Challenge

I'm back with another challenge sign up for 2020. Last year when I joined Kindle Unlimited I looked around for a challenge like this one but I wasn't able to find one. However this year Tina @ As Told by Tina is hosting one and I am so excited! Rules The Challenge begins January 1,… Continue reading Kindle Unlimited 2020 Reading Challenge

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Weekly Wrap Up [2019 #4-5]

So it has been over 2 and a half weeks since my "weekly" wrap-ups. Sadly the weather here has been horrible and I actually lost electricity here for a couple of days so I kept pushing back writing this post since I couldn't get online. However, I do have some good news. We have had… Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up [2019 #4-5]

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All the Kindle Unlimited Books I read in 2018

When I first started using KU I made a post discussing my thoughts on the program. you can check out my initial thoughts on the here┬áKindle Unlimited: Is it worth it?. So I thought it would be interesting to see what I ended up reading in 2018 as well as if I ended up saving… Continue reading All the Kindle Unlimited Books I read in 2018