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Smutathon TBR

Hello, I heard about this awesome readathon and it seems perfect for the reading mood that I am in right now. This readathon is hosted by 2 of my favorite Booktubers Lainey and Riley. I really liked the prompts as well there are a total of 7 challenges geared around 7 popular romance tropes. Which I am so game for I can’t wait for this to start.

The 7 challenges are Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Second Chance, Fake Dating, Arranged Marriage, Stranded Together, and Love Triangle. Of the 7 challenges, I feel pretty comfortable for challenges 1,2,4, and 5 but I don’t typically read books from the other so I’m interested in finding books that fall into those tropes. I am going to post a few options for each challenge instead of picking one even though the readathon is just around the corner. I am bound to change my mind if I set a concrete TBR so I’m not going to. Also, I am going by friends recs so they should fit the categories but it’s possible that they are marked incorrectly.

1)Enemies to Lovers


2)Friends to Lovers


3)Second Chance


4)Fake Dating


5)Arranged Marriage


6)Stranded Together


7)Love Triangle


Quite a few of these books seem to fit different categories and I am dying to start reading some of these books like right now. Can the 9th be now, please!

Are you participating in #Smutathon? What are you reading

6 thoughts on “Smutathon TBR

      1. Everybody thinks it is the very best of the year haha it has a lot of action and LGBTQ+ interaction and love haha I love that and I am being tempted on actually getting the book… even the Audible Editors have recommended that book to me XD I most likely will read it soon yep yep XD

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