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I’m joining Milwordy!

Hello friends! It's been awhile since I've spoken with you it feels like forever even though it has only been a month but I really wanted to share that I was joining in a really cool challenge! I'm going to insert the video inspiring me to try this crazy challenge. Writing is something I… Continue reading I’m joining Milwordy!

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5 Podcast I’m obsessed with!

Since I started my new job I have been able to do things differently one of the things that I love about my job is the ability to listen to music and more recently I discovered podcasts. I do spend most of the time at work on outbound calls but in between I have been… Continue reading 5 Podcast I’m obsessed with!

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Fangirl Obsession:D & D Campaigns

Hello and welcome back to one of my favorite features! I created this feature back when my blog first was launched and I'm so excited to welcome it back! Fangirl Obsession is my feature where I get to share with you something that I am currently really loving! Right now I have a whole bunch… Continue reading Fangirl Obsession:D & D Campaigns

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30 Things To Do Before 30: A realistic List

I just turned 25 at the end of July so I've been thinking about my next benchmark of life and all of the things I want to accomplish before that time comes. I feel like every time I make these goals I make out them unreasonable so I'm really trying to think it all through… Continue reading 30 Things To Do Before 30: A realistic List

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100 Day Coding Challenge!

Hello everybody! Today I wanted to share with you a project that I decided to jump into starting today! While I was scrolling through Twitter I discovered #CodeNewbie and the rest is history. I fell down a wormhole of people committing to get better in coding and I was so inspired that I knew I… Continue reading 100 Day Coding Challenge!