March TBR


This month I’m setting myself a challenge! I’m trying out being more purposeful. I’ve realized that I spend a lot of time doing silly things like scrolling and scrolling for hours a day and feel like I’m not getting anything done so this month I am trying to focus on getting things done. I’m starting this by making daily to-do lists as well as updating my reading challenges and focusing on them this month. At the time I’m writing this my A-Z challenge is updated check it out here.

One of my challenges this year was to read 12 classics or one a month and I’ve read none. So I would really like to catch up by reading 3 this month so far I know I want to read these two and I haven’t figured out what the third will be.

Out of my classic TBR, these are the ones calling to me and based on my enjoyment of these I’ll pick my third classic.

I also mentioned in my Coffee Book Tag that I was intimidated by Cassandra Clare’s books and that I wanted to dive back into her work and I found on her website that she has a preferred order so I think I will follow that so that means this month I am reading City of Ashes.

I also have a few books left over from last month that I would like to finish reading.





                                   I’ve been failing at keeping up with the #Romanceopoly board so I rolled dice twice for this month and landed on The Dungeon and Freedom Friars. So I will be reading


Last month I focused on reading books by black authors and even though I had a lot of fun I’m really looking forward to being able to pick up whatever I want in the month. I have a couple more reading challenges I’m participating in that I don’t have specific books planned out for yet. I really want to use this month as free reading since one of my favorite readathons is next month and I will be focusing on “winning” that readathon instead of reading whatever I want.

What are you reading plans for the month?

12 thoughts on “March TBR

  1. I hope you enjoy Hamlet! It’s quite a long book (for a play), but it’s definitely worth it when you put the effort in!


  2. I got into a really good habit of picking up a book rather than aimlessly scrolling through social media at the end of last year but have gone back to my old, bad habits this year meaning I’ve been wasting a lot of time and losing a lot of reading time so I definitely need to join you in re-establishing the good ones.

    Also, my partner bought me the Mortal Instruments series for my birthday last year and I feel super bad that I only managed to read the first book. Maybe we could buddy read the second book together and help motivate each other along?

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